Hi. Here's a little bit about me: I was the guitar player, singer and songwriter for a little band called Walt Mink. About ten years ago I decided to try scoring for film, T.V. and radio, in addition to playing in bands. In 2000 I won an Emmy Award in the category of Outstanding Music and Lyrics for my song "Up to You" from the show "Nickellennium" for Nickelodeon, and in 2001 I was nominated for a British Independent Film Award for best original score for the film "Jump Tomorrow".

My songs have appeared in both movies and T.V. commercials, and music of mine can sometimes be heard on the nationally syndicated NPR program, "This American Life". In 2005 my band, Valley Lodge, released our first record, songs from which have been heard in various t.v. commercials, as well as on ABC's "Cougar Town", and in 2009, supporting our second record, we completed our first tour of Japan (woo hoo!). In 2006 I wrote the music for the opening of the MTV Video Music Awards, as well as the Tenacious D "Friendship" song from the same broadcast. In 2009 I co- wrote Hugh Jackman's opening musical number for the 81st Annual Academy Awards, and won a 2009 Emmy Award, in the category of Outstanding Music and Lyrics, for the aforementioned. I just finished producing the awesome new Tenacious D record, Rize Of The Fenix and now I'm trying to write a couple of decent rock songs so I can put a new band together. That is all.

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